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Joe Livingston, President

After I retired as the Director of a Small Business Development Center, I wanted to continue doing something challenging that would encourage me to learn new things. I missed working with clients, looking for ways to grow their businesses and increase their bottom lines. When one of my Belgian draft horses developed a severe sinus infection, I realized that I needed a resource that would provide me with detailed information about equine health. I needed to know when to call my veterinarian.

In conjunction with a talented team of writers and web designers, I began to develop a knowledge-based website that my veterinarian's clients could use to identify health issues for their horses. I soon realized that my veterinarian needed more than just a website. He needed an integrated marketing solution that would enable him to market his services to his clients and stay in touch with them.

Barbara Livingston, Vice-President and Project Manager

I became involved with Speaking Equine after retiring from 30 years of teaching. It was a natural fit for me to fall into a project management position. As a special education teacher, I wrote individual educational plans for children, presented these plans through a due process staffing team in which I scheduled and implemented crucial parent/teach meetings. I then followed up with teaching strategies and tools to help students become successful. In essence, I was a child-centered project manager for each student in my program. In addition, I taught each child to read for meaning and to write succinctly. My background in teaching basic writing skills to adults and children paved the way for researching and writing articles for the Speaking Equine Newsletter. Finally, my love of photography has allowed me to share some of my treasured horse photos.

Kimberly V. Livingston, Director of Design and Development

As a Web designer, usability engineer, author, and instructor, Kimberly Livingston has designed and developed web-based materials for a wide range of users and mediums. Kimberly is the owner and director of Legh.org, a Denver-based Web design agency that specializes in providing Web-integrated marketing and training solutions for businesses.


I am fortunate to work in a field where there is always something new to learn. I enjoy bringing experience from my background in adult learning into the online tools I create. I strive to create elegant websites that also reflect my customers and their businesses.


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