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Issue 6:
Infectious Disease Control in Horses


Learn how to establish an effective disease control program. This issue also features a book review of Animals in Translation.

Issue 5: Colic


Colic is the Number 1 Killer of Horses!

This issue is dedicated to providing you with information on how to protect your horses from this devastating disease. It includes information on Colic symptoms, what to do at the first sign of colic, and how to prevent it.

Issue 4: Medical Emergencies


Medical Emergencies Happen! This issue of Speaking Equine is packed with a wealth of information about medical emerencies.

  • Determine if your horse has a medical problem.
  • Do you know what is a healthy range for your horse's temperature? Find out in this issue.
  • What to do until the Vet arrives.

Special Features!

Emergency Prepardness Kit
W hat every horse owner should have on hand.

First Aid Kit and Basic First Aid

Emergency Wound Care

Track your Horse's Vital Signs with our chart


Issue 3: Equine Parasites


Internal parasites cost horse owners thousands of dollars every year, and may even cost you the health of your horse. Learn about the most common parasites that affect horses and what you can do about them. Also in this issue of Speaking Equine, find out the state-to-state travel regulations, information on nutrition, causes for Laminitis/Founder, and what to do in Equine Emergencies.

Issue 2: Foaling


Spring in an exciting time for horse owners. This issue of Speaking Equine provides helpful tips on the care of pregnant mares and new foals, as well as how to calculate your mare's delivery date, nutrition for pregnant mares, colostrum, delivery, and post-delivery.

Issue 1: Introducing Speaking Equine


Welcome to the first issues of Speaking Equine. In this issue, learn about horse dental health, vaccinations, how to evaluate your horse's health, and how to determine your horse's age.

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